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Real Estate and Construction Law

Kılıç Çaylı & Partners serve their clients in the construction sector in a wide range of subjects on public and private sector tenders, concession agreements, joint venture agreements, construction contracts, subcontracting contracts, license agreements, project management agreements, contract management and through dispute resolution when it is necessary. Our clients include large-scale contractors and subcontractors, as well as legal entities operating in the public and private sectors.

How may we help you?

Public Procurement and Construction Projects

We provide technical and legal consultancy for the preparation of written explanations regarding the construction contracts made within the scope of Act no. 4734 on Public Procurement for the abnormally low submissions.

We provide legal consultancy and litigation services for disputes arising in relation to the turnkey lump sum priced or unit priced construction contracts made in accordance with Act no. 4735 on Public Procurement Contracts.

Disputes over the Implementation of the Construction Contracts
We provide legal advisory services on disputes that may arise in the determination of new prices for the work items which are not included in the procurement documents, and the additional works to be made under the contract.

We provide legal consultancy services and represent our clients in the most comprehensive manner before the courts, for the disputes arising out of the payment of the prices of the new work items that are not set out in the procurement documents and / or in the offer.

We provide legal consultancy services related to disputes arising out of the extension of the duration of the work, unfair deductions on the progress payments, disputes arising at stage of the final acceptance and / or temporary acceptance, disputes arising in cases of termination and liquidation of the contract; and we represent our clients before the courts in the most comprehensive manner.

Real Estate Transactions
We offer legal advice on disputes arising from leasing and construction contracts, usufruct rights and mortgages.

Litigation Services for Real Estate Cases
We represent our clients in the most comprehensive manner at courts in their disputes over real estate.

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