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Personal or Corporate
Data Legislation

Kılıç Çaylı & Partners offer consultancy and training services to ensure compliance with the legislation of personal data protection to their clients who process personal data which belongs to third parties during their commercial activities.

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Consultancy and Training

Act no 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data is published in the Official Gazette dated 7/4/2016. The Act envisages a two-year transitional period to ensure compliance of the previously processed data to the current legislation.

For the abovementioned transitional period, Kılıç Çaylı & Partners provide training and consultancy services to their corporate clients who process third parties’ personal data during their commercial activities.

Drafting or Revising of Contracts

Kılıç Çaylı & Partners provide services to their clients for revising their contracts which have been concluded before the Act no. 6698 to ensure their compliance with the current data protection legislations.

Furthermore, according to Act no 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data, data processed after 7/10/2016 must also be done so in accordance with the Act. In this respect, Kılıç Çaylı & Partners revise their clients’ e-commerce contracts, labor contracts or standard B2C contracts for to ensure their compliance with the regulations related to protection of personal data; and we work to minimize the risk of encountering administrative sanctions or legal disputes.

Protection of Personal Data in Electronic Communication Sector and Data Security
Companies operating in the electronic communications sector are obliged to protect personal data of third parties within the framework of the Regulation on the Protection of Personal Data Processing and Privacy in the Electronic Communications Sector, which is based on Act on Electronic Communication and the provisions of Act on Electronic Commerce. Our office provides litigation and consultancy services in terms of legal disputes and administrative sanctions that companies may encounter within the scope of these obligations. In addition, our team provides solutions to the legal issues faced by our clients regarding data security in electronic commerce applications.

Litigation Services
Within the transition process foreseen by the Act on the Protection of Personal Data, we represent our clients in the legal actions related to Articles 135-138, and in the disputes related to compensation claims. On the other hand, we provide litigation and consultancy services regarding the data that companies have processed after 7/10/2016, and the companies operating in the electronic communication sector.

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