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Kılıç Çaylı & Partners work in coordination with the human resources departments of their corporate clients and thus we provide all kinds of legal support for the processes beginning from the establishment of employer-employee relationship until the end of the employment contract.

At KılıçCaylı & Partners, we provide practical solutions with the aim of minimizing legal disputes by making legal contributions to the development of our clients' relations with our employees with our consultation services. We provide counseling and litigation services that our clients need in relation to the labor law.

How may we help you?

Examination of Business Contracts
To ensure compliance with the relevant legislation, we prepare and review drafts of individual and collective contracts of our clients, provide legal support for the proper arrangement of workplace procedures in accordance with labor law, and produce suitable solutions to the needs of our clients to avoid the risks that they may encounter in the future. We also provide consultancy services to our clients in contract settlement and compensation.

Evaluation of Employer-Employee Relationships
In Kılıç Çaylı & Partners, we make informative presentations for the internal improvement projects of the clients and we give training to the company officials. Apart from that, our office provides risk assessments for termination of employment contracts, and consultancy services for benefits and compensation for employees, prevention of discrimination and occupational health and safety law.

Dispute Resolution
In our office, we also provide services for the preparation of the notices for the fulfillment of the contractual and legal obligations of the parties under the employee-employer relationship, and, if necessary, for the preparation of the termination notices. We also provide consultancy and litigation services for all kinds of disputes of our clients in the field of labor law.

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