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Associations and
Foundations Law

Kılıç Çaylı & Partners provides legal support to domestic and international associations and foundations at the stage of the establishment and after the establishment stages. In this regard, our office provides legal support for establishing, operating, terminating the associations and foundations, and revising and drafting the contracts to which they are a party.

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Incorporation of Associations and Foundations
Our office provides consultation services to our clients in the process of the establishment procedures of domestic and international associations and foundations, taking necessary permissions, incorporating representations and branches, and drafting and revising their contracts.

Drafting of Labor Contracts and Obtaining Work Permits
For the relationships between the foundations or associations and their employees to be carried out in accordance with the labor law, Kılıç Çaylı & Partners provides legal support for the process of obtaining work permits and for drafting and revising the relevant labor contracts.

Services Related to the Functioning of Associations and

In Kılıç Çaylı & Partners, we provide legal support to our clients for the auditory processes related to associations and foundations, execution of general assembly meetings, and real estate transactions.

Litigation Services
We represent associations and foundations in a comprehensive manner regarding the legal, criminal, administrative and tax disputes they are involved with.

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