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Kılıç Çaylı & Partners provide legal consultancy and litigation services to clients in order to ensure the compliance of their business activities with environmental laws and ecologic balance. In this context, we have a deep experience and knowledge in Environmental Law (which brought new regulations to comply with EU Acquis);  in regulations, circulars and notifications depending upon this Law,  and in processes of public bodies acting compliant accordingly. 


On the other hand, we provide consultancy and court representation services about regulations of Conservation of Cultural and Natural Property Act which protects cultural, natural and historical properties, as well as precautions arising from international agreements.

How may we help you?

Declaratory Actions and Compensation Lawsuits Related to Environmental Legislation

Penalties and Objections Related to Environmental Legislation

Legal Consultancy Compliant with Actual Legislation for Preparing EIA Reports (Environmental Impact Assessment Report - ÇED )

Legal Consultancy About International Environmental Legislation

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