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As Kılıç Çaylı & Partners, we work to provide efficient consultancy and litigation services for the disputes our domestic and foreign clients face. With respect to dispute resolution, our attorneys represent our clients before the courts, and in the arbitration and mediation proceedings.

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As Kılıç Çaylı & Partners, we represent our clients, with well experienced attorneys who focus on the innovative solutions, in their complex and high-valued disputes. Our office works to take necessary steps before and during the litigation processes to efficiently protect our client’s interests and we work in cooperation with our clients to determine the most appropriate solutions for their legal problems.

In addition, we work in coordination with our clients during the preparation stages of proceedings and during the lawsuits, especially in the types of disputes which require technical expertise, such as energy, construction and health. Thus we take the necessary steps to ensure that the dispute is concluded in a short and effective manner.

In this context, we provide solutions to our corporate clients with providing consultancy and reconciliation services before the legal actions in order to resolve the dispute without a trial; and we work to minimize the risks of facing litigation for our clients. When the dispute is brought before the court, we take the necessary precautions in order for the case to be settled rapidly and efficiently.

If our clients, taking into consideration the duration and costs of the proceedings, prefer to choose arbitration as the method for dispute resolution, we provide them services by drafting arbitration contracts or clauses, representing them in the arbitration proceedings, or representing them in the court proceedings about setting aside, recognition and enforcement of the arbitral awards.

We represent our clients who want to resolve the dispute through mediation earlier to or during the court proceedings in the mediation processes.

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