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Corporate Law and Governance

As Kılıç Çaylı & Partners, we provide legal support to domestic and foreign companies operating in different sectors in the field of corporate law and governance. We provide litigation and consultancy services in every stage of the process from establishment to the liquidation.

We produce legal solutions for our clients that are tailored to their needs, in the subjects related to corporate law such as preparation and amendment of the articles of incorporation, share transfers, mergers and acquisitions, property and commercial transactions, public offering and corporate restructuring.

How may we help you?

Services Provided During the Foundation of a Company

We provide services to our clients in the preparation of the company's articles of incorporation and the carry out other establishment processes. We also provide legal support to the companies at the stage of incorporation for the appointment of the executives, and the preparation of the necessary agreements to be signed by the founders at the stage of incorporation.

While working to determine the legal framework of the company, we produce legal solutions that are appropriate for the needs of the clients and which will minimize the potential conflicts that may arise in the future.

Services We Offer to the Already Existing Companies

We provide our corporate clients with legal counseling and litigation services for the execution of general meetings and board meetings, preparation and supervision of business contracts, share transfers, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, property and business operations, corporate governance and tax issues.

In this context, we work to reduce the risks for a potential dispute with the consultancy and training services we offer.

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