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We are looking for an attorney team member;

​       Required qualifications:

  • Preferrably a graduate of Law Faculties of Public universities or a high honor graduate or a graduate with full scholarship of Private universities,

  • Has a minimum 3 years experience excluding internship having an expertise to execute legal processes entirely,

  • Maximum 35 years old,

  • Able to handle cases in deep detail,

  • Decisive to proceed as an attorney in personal career,

  • Preferably knowledgable in Energy Laws,

  • Has legal notion and written expression ability in order to write effective petitions,

  • A team player successful in human relations,

  • Has an analytical mindset with an ability for reporting,

  • Has a high sense of responsibility, solution-focused and open to self-development,

  • Has no obligations to travel,

  • Has no military obligations for male applicants,

  • Willing to work hard.

       Job description:

  • Monitoring and handling legal and foreclosure filings of clients,

  • Providing consultancy services to clients regarding Labor Law, Enforcement Law, Administrative Law, Energy Legislation, Intellectual Property Law and Procurement contracts,

  • Preparing contracts depending upon code of Obligations,

  • Preparing filings to EMRA (EPDK),

  • Preparing objection petitions to PPA (KİK) and executing related suits.

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